Explora Dome comments Wising Star Observatory houses a Meade 14″ LX200GPS. I use it for visual observing with friends as well as for astrophotography. And it is also used for community school courses I teach in Backyard Astronomy. While smaller than the 11.5-foot and 10-foot domes originally considered Ive found that my Explora Dome capped structure will comfortably (if snuggly) accommodate a half-dozen people. For construction details see www.peterson-web.com/wish Total cost of the entire facility was $5000, with $3500 to $4000 of that being associated with the adjoining deck. As of 6 Mar 07 the observatory interior is still unfinished but fully operational for visual work. Unlike some of my friends domes (Id call them competitive dome only at a minimum of 10 times Explora Dome cost they arent) the dome operation is trouble free. I can walk out at any time and be observing in 3 minutes and most of thats just waiting for the scope to acquire GPS signals. Closing the domes lower shutter door blocks all neighborhood lighting, allowing eyes to reach full dark adaptation. And on those crystal clear but breezy winter nights being out of the wind allows observing when it would not otherwise be possible. I love my Explora Dome. Pete Peterson