The dome was delivered in May in Dans semi, but unfortunately my house was not completed at that time, so I had to store the parts in the garage until September (completed assembly September 18, 2009). When Dan delivered the Dome in front of my house, it was only him and his wife and my wife and I. Dan literally went into the dome and lifted it up with his shoulders and walked it up my driveway into my garage, while the rest of us kept the dome balanced. Well, when Dan left I tried it myself, but couldnt budge it an inch. Oh well, no matter. To Dan I say, You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din! I got the explora-dome automation option, and took it for a spin yesterday (September 19) for the first time, and it worked very well. Great support from Dan also. I plan to put power into the dome and carpet the floor before I permanently place my equipment in the dome (12 LX200). Im anxious to start my research. I will have inside pictures of the dome soon. Thanks, Dan.